Beginning Traders

Currency Trading

What is currency trading? Currency, also known as Foreign Exchange or Forex, trading is the buying and selling currencies. Why might you want to start currency trading? There are a number of good reasons. Low cost of entry, longer trading hours, liquity, low commissions, and leverage.
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Green Mutual Funds

Green investing is growing more and more popular. I've compiled a short list of some of the top names in green investing. These are not for trading, but if you need someplace to invest and believe that our planet is in peril look here.

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Dogs of the Dow

What is an old favorite of the less active traders out there? It is the Dogs of the Dow trade. In this trade you purchase the 10 highest yielding stocks in the DJIA on January 1st of each year.

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No load mutual funds

Make sure you know what you are buying when you shop for mutual funds. Don't let a broker or fund company take your money with a 'load.'

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Forex Course Online Trading

There are a number of places to find Forex Courses for Online Trading but which should you choose? Well, for starters make sure that it is free! Most of the Forex Courses for Online Trading are expensive scams.

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Lets hightlight some high yielding stocks that might be great investments for traders and investors a like. These can be great beginning trades whether you are considering using the Credit Card Arbitrage strategy or not. Continue reading about High Yielding Stocks

I'll continue my discussion about credit card arbitrage. While it is not a trading strategy per se, it does create several options for low risk investing. In the Credit Card Arbitrage article I discussed the typical credit card arbitrage strategy. In this post I'll talk about a different arbitrage strategy that might be of interest to the more risk averse. Continue the Pre-pay Mortgage arbitrage strategy

I'll take a break from talking about the indexes and take some time to talk about credit card arbitrage. What is this you ask? Well it is when you take out a low (sub 3%) or 0% balance transfer and instead for paying off an existing loan you deposit the money into your brokerage account and invest it at a higher rate.
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I'd like to take the time to talk about a good options broker. A good options broker is very important for any and every options trader, and even every investor. more about options brokers

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